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How Do You Learn to Skateboard? Guest Writer: Lillian Mclean Whether you’re five or fifty, anyone can learn how to skateboard. Skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable recreational sports out there, plus it doubles as a complete workout! Skateboarding is a physically demanding sport, so before you attempt advanced tricks, you’ve got to go through the basics. We’ve come up with this guide to help you out. What you need: A quality skateboard Don’t go to Target to buy your first skateboard -- you’ll need something sturdier than that. Head down to your local skate shop, Never Ever Boards,...

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Skateboarding, Skateboarding How-to -

Is it possible? Can Skateboarding really be easy? 

I know you've probably been racking your brain trying to figure out this thing called skateboarding, practicing for hours, beating yourself up because you feel like you can't get it down. 

I understand this far too well...

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