11'6 FunWater All Around Koi Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP)

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These FunWater Paddle Boards are some of our favorites, not only do they have a killer design but they are super stable too so you don't have to worry about toppling over when you are having fun in the water. They are also very durable so will last you for many years and since they are inflatable no need to worry about having an issue storing it or transporting it to your nearest lake or ocean. Spend your Summer on the Water!!

Comes with:

  • Paddle to take on the open water!
  • Travel Bag to easily store and transport!
  • Pump to get your inflatable paddle board pumped up and ready for the water!
  • Phone Bag to keep your phone safe from water and easily accessible!
Brand Name: FunWater 
Outdoor Activity: Paddle Boarding
Applicable People: Everyone
Dimensions: 11'6"*33"*6"
Through our collaboration with charity: water, a portion of our proceeds goes towards providing clean, safe, drinking water around the World!