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10' 8" Aztron Bamboo Jupit Paddle Board

10' 8" Aztron Bamboo Jupit Paddle Board

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Designed for beginners and intermediate riders who are looking to progress quickly, the JUPIT 10’8″ Bamboo SUP is perfect for those first steps and will keep you entertained as you progress to your next paddling level.

The all-round and classic longboard shape offers an incredibly smooth ride in all conditions while the rounded outline makes those early turns easy.
Proven to offer the best weight to resistance ratio, the bamboo top layer gives the board effortless flow with its composite natural material. The bottom reinforced fiberglass layer also gives extra solid construction. Packed with enough performance to keep you entertained long into your paddle career, the JUPIT is set to be your perfect partner on the water!

Closed-cell core made of high-density expanded polystyrene, shaped by a CNC machine, gives the board extreme lightness, excellent buoyancy and high rigidity. Its core made of waterproof EPS foam, is reinforced with two complete stringers integrated into the EPS foam, and wrapped in layers of fiberglass to give it optimal strength and rigidity. The top-coat bamboo finish combined with epoxy resin and fiberglass gives the board a perfect natural flex, ensuring responsiveness and thrill for the rider.

  • - Bamboo technology for natural flex. The SUP JUPIT Bamboo's long continuous fibers allow you to better feel the reaction of the water, giving the board advance moves a second nature
  • - Designed for beginner to intermediate paddlers
  • - Complete pad in EVA with 5 mm diamond grooves
  • - The decompression valve provides protection against lamination. The 2-way valve allows air to escape from the board during rapid temperature or pressure changes
  • - Integrated central handle
  • - Integrated deck net and more leash rings
  • - US fin configuration. 10" nylon fin
  • - Ready-to-Go accessory package: with safety leash and STYLE aluminium board adjustable

Bamboo construction

Stand up board Jupit 10.8

Bamboo is naturally durable and weather-resistant. Construction finished with a transparent marine grade coating that remains soft and adherent when wet

Footpad diamond grooved 5 mm

Stand up board Aztron Eclipse pad

The entire upper deck is covered with a 5 mm thick diamond grooved EVA pad, which makes the board very safe, durable and comfortable. The integral EVA platform acts as a flexible bumper and protects the board from minor knocks board and scratches caused by small obstacles.

Pressure relief valve and carrying handle

Stand up board Aztron Eclipse vent

The integrated decompression valve allows the air pressure to balance between the SUP's EPS foam core and the outside of the board. The vent design protects the central foam panel from lamination when temperature changes cause air to expand. The aeration vent effectively reduces the stress on the board and thus extends its life. The board also includes a deep integrated handle, it is fully recessed and makes it easy to transport the SUP. The handle helps a lot to grasp the board easily when it is lying flat on the ground or on water.


Stand up board Aztron aileron

This nylon 10.0 fin is versatile, high-performance and suitable for all conditions. Made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon, it makes your driving smooth and efficient. The configuration of the American aileron housing offers the possibility of using a high-performance aileron for more speeds.


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