8.25" Toy Machine Jeremy Leabres Shooter Skateboard

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Toy Machine is a brand that can continue to produce old school style graphics and get away with it, unlike any other brand. There is just something about the imagery that paints a message for you and is something only unique to Toy Machine. It captivates and represents a moment in time. This deck shows as the Toy Machine rises to the occasion on the battlefield and stand victorious! Get this deck and become the king of skate! A work of art. Artwork. 

**Colors may vary some from images!

**For this awesome price, we'll build a quality custom skateboard complete for you with some fire Bones Reds, quality trucks, Thunder, or Independent, good name brand wheels that will work well for street and park (Size will be selected by us unless preference otherwise noted along with submission of order or by received message shortly after). We will choose quality black grip tape, and willing to do graphic tape for $5 more. Hardware will be bulk quality one-inch hardware. Riser pads added for free. Unlike other companies that send you the pieces where you have to put it together yourself, our boards will come built for you, by us, by hand, where you can be confident your board was built correctly with the right materials!

**This is a new endeavor for us outside of our retail store, so please be patient with us with new demand, and will soon have more accurate pictures up displaying the full set-up. For now, feel free to reach out beforehand and we will send you pictures of all the pieces before we build! As always we will be in constant communication with you every step of the way. 

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