Canadian Maple Longboard Collection

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Cruising down the street in my 6-4, jockin' the freaks, clockin' the dough.. whoops, wrong song. Laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. Mabe that's it lol, either way, cruising around on a longboard will make you feel like the G you are, and who cares what all those other lil skater kids have to say? 

Material: Canadian Maple
Size: 117*24*11.5CM /46 inch
Deck material: 8 layers Canadian Maple Cold Press
Wheels Hardness: 78A PU Wheels
Wheels Size: 70*55mm
Condition: New
Weight: 5kg
Bearings: ABEC-11 Chrome Steel Bearings

Through our collaboration with charity: water, a portion of our proceeds goes towards providing clean, safe, drinking water around the World!