Chocolate Skateboard Decks

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Mhmm, don't you like unwrapping a good piece of chocolate sometimes, and eating it quickly before it melts on a hot Summer day? That same feeling of satisfaction is conjured by unwrapping one of these fresh decks. Perfect to hang up on the wall or begging to be put on a pair of trucks. Trucks, hardware, wheels, bearings, grip tape, risers, and tools can all be purchased in our store, but if you already have that covered, feel free to pick up one of these sick decks only made with the finest Canadian Maple Wood. **FIts with 5.25″ Hanger / 139mm / 8.0″ Axle skateboard trucks.

Size: 8"
Material: Canadian Maple
Season: 2018 skateboarding deck                                                                      

Through our collaboration with charity: water, a portion of our proceeds goes towards providing clean, safe, drinking water around the World!