Girl 101A Skateboard Wheels & Toy Machine ABEC-5 Bearings

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These wheels and bearings were built for speed and style. If you are looking to equip your board with possibly the best hardware and materials, this is a great place to start. Below you will find the 3 wheel size options, and this set is to be used with only a skateboard deck, not a longboard deck so do keep that in mind. A couple housekeeping tips, the smaller the skateboard wheel the more you are going into beginner territory and the slower the wheel. Built more to be stable for trick riding and smaller riders skating street, skate parks, and bowls. But also the higher you get to 101A in what they call wheel durometer the harder and faster the wheel so this set is a good mix between the two. The bearing type at (ABEC-5) is a good middle of the road bearing which is the industry standard for most types of skateboarding.


GIRL wheels size: (101A) 51mm 52mm 54mm
TOY MACHINE bearings type: ABEC-5