Outlife Light-Up Plastic Skateboard

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Remember those dope shoes you always wanted that lit up when you walked? Now you can get an all-new skateboard that produces the same effect making it even easier to be seen at night, and giving you a whole new experience while you ride!! The cool thing about plastic boards too is that they will hold up forever and will last you for many years to come. Cruise around town using this as a board to help commute from place to place or as a board to add to your collection to switch things up every once in a while!!

Type: Dual Dragon Skateboard (Four-wheel)
Material: PU wheel+PP board
Board Category: Single Rocker
Brand Name: Outlife
Size: 22" x 6" x 4"
Color: Blue
Wheel Diameter: 6 cm / 2.36 inches
Wheel Thickness: 4.5 cm / 1.77inches
Board Thickness: 2 cm / 0.78 inches
Skateboard Truck: Aluminum