Ronin x Moonshine Pro Tucker Carbon Fiber Cruiser

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When fast meets elegance. Beautifully crafted carbon fiber constructed and developed in the USA. Grooves and dips properly placed to avoid any wheel bite and to allow for superior performance. 

Those who are familiar with Ronin may recognize the Tucker. Moonshine collaborated with Ronin in order to create a downhill dedicated race board. Moonshine essentially took the DNA of Ronin's original Tucker, and are now building it with their bomber construction in the Distillery. Just as in every other Moonshine deck, the Tucker features urethane rails and is 100% waterproof. The Pro Tucker is comprised of Carbon Fiber to lighten up the board, as well as, dampening questionable pavement and stiffening the board up quite a bit.

Concave. The Moonshine Tucker features a "medium" concave to keep riders locked in, while still keeping the board comfortable during long periods of tucking. The micro drop rocker also aids in keeping the rider locked in, while also adding maneuverability to the board.

Urethane Truck Mounts. The Tucker also incorporates urethane truck mounts to soften the ride over rough pavement. The dampening effect of the urethane truck mounts aids in avoiding speed wobbles or wipeouts caused by rough pavement or hitting large objects in the road.


Length: 33.5” | 84 cm

Width: 9.75" | 25 cm

Wheelbase: 23.5" - 26.5" | 60 cm - 67 cm

Concave: Medium

Nose / Tail: Nose: No / Tail: No

Rocker / Camber: Yes (Micro)

Construction: Albus Wood Core, Urethane Truck Mounts, Waterproof. Pro Tucker Only - Carbon Fiber

Grip Tape: Yes

Special Features: A dedicated speed board, the Tucker is designed to go fast, break records, and win races

**Trucks and wheels are from the lower quality image pictured 

Through our collaboration with charity: water, a portion of our proceeds goes towards providing clean, safe, drinking water around the World!