Three Hour Scooter Rental (Heavy Duty)

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We want to make the rental process as simple as possible for you, so we have now introduced online booking making the rental process even more seamless and simple.

As soon as you confirm your rental this will secure and reserve the scooter for you for the established time. Please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time for check-in. This will include a demo showing you how the scooter works to best equip you to properly use it while out on the road.

There will be a simple waiver for you to sign, be sure to bring your id for verification purposes and at least one credit card for a pre-authorization. Thank you!

These are seriously a ton of fun and perfect to commute on our side walks and backroads (yacht drive). Please note- you can not use these scooters in any 45 mph zones, on the beach, or off road. You can use these on our city sidewalks and back roads such as yacht. (Only to be used on Oak Island)


Speed- Up to 18 MPH!

Battery Lasts- Up to 18 miles!

(We will provide a charger with your rental, and the scooter will be fully charged before use. Be cognizant of the distance you plan to travel so that you don't run out of juice on your commute along with a place you can charge up if you plan to use the scooter a distance further than 15 miles during your rental duration) 

Weight Limit- Supports up to 260 lbs!


Through our collaboration with charity: water, a portion of our proceeds goes towards providing clean, safe, drinking water around the World!