Beginner Skateboarding Tips

Beginner Skateboarding Tips

How Do You Learn to Skateboard?

Guest Writer: Lillian Mclean

Whether you’re five or fifty, anyone can learn how to skateboard. Skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable recreational sports out there, plus it doubles as a complete workout! Skateboarding is a physically demanding sport, so before you attempt advanced tricks, you’ve got to go through the basics. We’ve come up with this guide to help you out.

What you need:

A quality skateboard

Don’t go to Target to buy your first skateboard -- you’ll need something sturdier than that. Head down to your local skate shop, Never Ever Boards, and pick out a skateboard that works for you. Invest in one that uses durable and quality skateboard bearing to ensure smooth and safe skateboarding.

Safety Equipment

Helmets and knee pads can be annoying, but since you’re still learning, it’s expected that you’ll trip and fall a lot. Protect yourself by wearing elbow and knee pads, a helmet, and long-sleeve shirts for added protection. Investing in safety gear is a lot less expensive than paying for hospital bills.

How to learn to skateboard

Find a flat surface..

Reserve the ramps and rails for later. Start practicing on a flat surface such as a spacious driveway that’s free from bumps and cracks. If the pavement has a slight slope, be sure there’s a nearby patch of grass you can safely roll onto if you fall. If you live in a busy street, it’s best to practice at night when there isn’t much traffic.

Practice your stance

Balance is key in skateboarding. Adjust to how your board feels and find the proper foot position that feels most comfortable to you -- it doesn’t matter which foot is in front. Make sure your feet are a shoulder’s width apart. It may help to hold on to a rail or any solid object.

Practice Pushing

Only attempt pushing off once you’ve mastered your balance. With your back foot, push off from the pavement, and return your foot back on the board. Maintain your balance as you move forward, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet.

Skateboard Maintenance

You can’t learn how to skate without learning how to care for your board. From skateboard bearing cleaning to regular polishing, knowing how to maintain your skateboard can prolong its life until your next upgrade.

A lot of trial-and-error is involved in learning how to skateboard, but with determination, you’ll soon become the master of your board. The cuts and scrapes will be well worth it in the end. Eventually, you’ll find yourself performing the hardest skateboard tricks.

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