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Speech we made to the town to put pressure to rebuild skatepark.

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🔥🔥Our 2020 Rental Line-Up🔥🔥 We hope y’all are excited as us!! The weather is finally warming up and it’s becoming prime time again to get out on the water 🌊 Flash through the pics to quickly see a few examples of what we will have to offer this coming season if you’d rather not read all the details!! ❤️ Renting: -iSups: As we have exclusively rented out inflatable paddle boards for the better part of a year, we know what we’re doing. We have specialized in the sale of this type of paddle board for the last 2 years ensuring we are carrying...

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Oak Island's very own Never Ever Boards took a trip to South Brunswick High School, alongside a couple of cool companions, Blake Lewis and Jenna Kazmierczak working as professional photographer and assistant.  The purpose of the visit was to introduce Adaptive sports to the children and to experiment with it in a school environment.  Adaptive sports run parallel to typical sports activities with small modifications in place to allow for everyone to be able to enjoy the same sports.  We came equipped with a few different types of boards, both the standard popsicle shaped skateboard and a longboard so everyone...

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