Finding the Right Skateboard for You!

We offer two different selections geared to the performance level or price point you wish to stick within, our standard and our premium, which you can learn more about at the bottom of the page in our FAQ.

After your purchase we immediately go to work for you and start the build out process, building your board out to the highest, most precise specs, with attention to detail every time, by hand, which makes all the difference. We then test it to ensure it is ready to ride right out the box.

And by test, we don't mean we go and ride your new board, we inspect for quality and workmanship, and spin each wheel to make sure the bearings are satisfactory, and that everything looks a-okay.

To start, look through our deck options here to see which deck design speaks to you, paying attention to size. You may know your size already but a good rule of thumb for board size based off age is shown in the chart below:

(**6 is a good age to start skating, with proper supervision you can have your child start at an even younger age. Make sure to always use protective gear.)

Skate Deck Size Chart
6-9 Years Old Mini: 7.5" or Smaller
9-13 Years Old Full-Size Board: 7.5-8"
13+ Years Old

8" and Higher (Any full size board will do, bigger rider should go for a bigger board or if you plan on skating vert, down ramps, or halfpipes)


Once you are sure on size and design then decide if you want a standard or premium, and go through checkout. Once order is fully processed  we will get to work for you immediately!!


How long will it take for the board to be built?

Generally depending on how many orders we have pending we can have the board go out to you in just a couple days.


Can you ship the board unassembled?

Yes, just request that you would like it unbuilt in the notes at checkout in the notes and we will send you all the components with the board unconstructed. 


What if I want a specific wheel color or truck option?

Make your request in the notes at checkout, and we will reach back out letting you know what we can do for you!


What is the difference between a standard and premium complete?

With our Standard Selection we use the highest quality generic components we have on hand using the deck you selected. We go with a black finish for the grip tape on the top and make sure to color match to make it look cool and unique. The bushings are generally softer helping make turning easier for a new skater. This option is perfect for someone first starting out or for someone looking to save money and still get a cool custom.

With our Premium Selection we use name brand high quality components starting with the trucks from brands such as, independent, venture, thunder, ace, krux, or tensor mag light. We will use what will fit, and whatever option will be the most attractive, high end, and appropriate for your set-up. We want to keep things simple. Some of these parts purchased separately in stores would exceed $200, but we we like to keep costs down, exceed your expectations and give you a high quality set-up at an exceptional cost. We only use performance grip tape like Mob tape or Jessup, may surprise you with a cool graphic option, golden standard bearings- reds bearings, name brand wheels such as, bones, spitfire, oj, girl, chocolate, or Satori, and quality hardware.


What if I can't afford it? 

We offer two finance options through both Sezzle and Afterpay breaking your purchase into payments making it even more digestible! Only thing that would be due at checkout once approved would be 25% of the total cost, but we will still ship it as soon as you are approved, and before it is paid off!!

Build my board!!