Pokémon X Santa Cruz Blind Bags

Pokémon X Santa Cruz Blind Bags

Pokemon -arguably the biggest phenomena and cult following of our time. More recognizable characters, and products than any other collective media franchise.

A lot of us grew up collecting Pokemon cards, playing the games, or watching the shows -some of us still do. For many of us this is a chance to purchase a piece of our childhood. 

Santa Cruz -one of the pioneering brands of skateboarding, shaping the skate art world like no other, and introducing us over the years to some of the best skaters on the planet. Santa Cruz alone has a place in many of our hearts, and what brand is more iconic, more recognizable, and more official to skaters around the world than the power house that is Santa Cruz.

Two worlds collide, this will be one of the biggest collabs of our time. If you're an avid skateboard collector, or Pokemon fan you don’t want to miss out on adding at least one of these to your collection. For anyone this will at the very least make for a great investment!

Our plans, 

So this is how it works:

Each sealed blind bag contains one 8" randomly assorted variant skateboard featuring an iconic Pokémon character.

In each bag is going to be 1 of 15 holo foil variants featuring a different character printed over silver prismatic rainbow glitter foil and silver metallic paint.

Golden ticket chasers: amongst these deck bags released there will be 5 special gold foil edition variants featuring black and metallic gold ink over metallic gold foil. These will be super rare, highly sought after, and very collectible. 

All decks are limited. Our best guess is there was a total of around 30,000 produced. Of these made there will only be 250 super rare decks.

You know you gotta catch them all 😎


This will be the link to purchase which will be activated by clicking here on the 13th.

If interested in one before the release date please reach out to us on instagram at @nevereverboards expressing your interest and we will add you to our list. Being added to the list doesn’t guarantee you will have one reserved. We will reach out on the day of the drop, and once the payment is made, the deck will be reserved, and we will set it into processing to ship. To start we are limiting each customer to only 3 decks per person. 

Each person on the list that receives one we ask in exchange for the priority, that when you do the unveiling of the deck you received on video that when you post it to instagram that you will tag our Never Ever Boards account. 

If you saw how BIG of a hit Santa Cruz’ last blind bags they released were you know how this will go down. If you want one you better get it the day of the drop because once they sell out the prices will skyrocket!

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