Adaptive Sports in North Carolina

Adaptive Sports in North Carolina

Oak Island's very own Never Ever Boards took a trip to South Brunswick High School, alongside a couple of cool companions, Blake Lewis and Jenna Kazmierczak working as professional photographer and assistant. 

Helping Disabled Child Stand on a Longboard for the First Time

The purpose of the visit was to introduce Adaptive sports to the children and to experiment with it in a school environment. 

Using Walker to Help Student Stand on Longboard

Adaptive sports run parallel to typical sports activities with small modifications in place to allow for everyone to be able to enjoy the same sports. 

Helping Kid Gain his Balance on a Skateboard

We came equipped with a few different types of boards, both the standard popsicle shaped skateboard and a longboard so everyone could have a try no matter the level of existing skill, or balance ability. 

South Brunswick High School Student on a Skateboard

The local police department was also involved in assisting the students and even had their turn jumping on a few boards testing out their skill. 

Police Officers Helping Kids Skate

It was amazing to see how the simple act of introducing a new sport to some of the kids was not only an eye-opening enjoyable experience for the students but encouraged a new activity instilling confidence and cultivating a new sense of fun. 

 Pushing a Kid on a Skateboard

Skateboarding is continuing to become a more popular sport and is even coming to this year's Olympics in Tokyo. There is a future in skateboarding and the growing community of skaters is there to help encourage new skaters looking at taking on this amazing sport. 

 Picture of Skater Squad

No matter the skill level, skateboarding in its rawest form begins with just being able to ride the board as the first major step, and can become increasingly sophisticated, depending on skill level. There is no limit to tricks that can be learned or taught, with new tricks created every day. Professional skateboarders are actively stretching what's possible, further spanning the scope of what was once considered unachievable with every new trick that seems to defy the boundaries of physics. 

 Kid Performing Cool Skateboard Trick

As you become further involved with skateboarding, you begin to learn, for the most part, it is actually a community, a family of skaters encompassing similar interests with some of the same goals in mind. This creates a welcoming home for many going through difficult experiences or longing to be accepted.

Kid Putting on Skateboard Helmet

This interest unites people from all walks of life, ages, and skill levels with the same desire to get better. The theme remains the same, what can I learn, and the common desire to have fun. 

Girl Being Pushed on Skateboard

In closing, I'd like to leave you with this question, what has skateboarding done for you? Please post your answer below, and feel free to share this post to a fellow skateboarder or friend that you think that this can help brighten their day!!

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What a fantastic experience! Thank you for opening the door to skateboarding for our students. We are the cool kids.

donna Mooneyham

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