Best Rentals on Oak Island

Best Rentals on Oak Island

🔥🔥Our 2020 Rental Line-Up🔥🔥 We hope y’all are excited as us!! The weather is finally warming up and it’s becoming prime time again to get out on the water 🌊

Flash through the pics to quickly see a few examples of what we will have to offer this coming season if you’d rather not read all the details!! ❤️


-iSups: As we have exclusively rented out inflatable paddle boards for the better part of a year, we know what we’re doing.

Oak Island Paddle Board Rental

We have specialized in the sale of this type of paddle board for the last 2 years ensuring we are carrying the best product for the best price point!!

We aren’t here to price gouge you, what’s most important to us is that you have a quality board for a great price that you will be happy using and owning 😊 They are still super cool and extremely durable, without that over-inflated yeti price 😉

Unlike other inflatable boards that are too expensive, and are known to break apart in under a year. The brands we go with stand behind their product where all you have to think about is standing up, confident knowing you are conducting your business with a company you can trust!!

Paddle Boarding on Oak Island

With our try-before-you-buy program, we even deduct your rental rate from the purchase of a new board! 😎

Not like the other guys who only have standard, random adult paddle boards, since this is not a one size fits all sports activity, we carry boards of all shapes and sizes that are best suited to you individually.

We offer children’s paddle boards, yoga sups, and all-around boards so this can be a fun activity for the whole family!! ❤️ Special couple and family rates too!!

Yoga SUP

Our paddles adjust because it’s important the paddle is set to the proper size to make it the easiest to navigate the water.

This season we will even have electric pumps ⚡️that can plug directly into your car outlet to effortlessly pump up your rental board to the strength of a hardboard in a matter of minutes.

Instead of being forced into a whole day of renting at an excessive cost, with these newer guys, we won’t force you to rent a whole day, with us you have the option of only renting by the hour or for a 3 hour period giving everyone the ability to affordably rent one of our awesome boards!! 😎

From our magic backpack that comes with each rental, you can thoughtlessly remove, unfold, and inflate getting you out on the water even faster!!

Surfboards: Soft Top Greco Longboards available for rent and we will add more as we come further into the season!

Oak Island Surfboard Rental

Boogies: Razor bodyboards available for rent to give you the opportunity to see how a step above in quality operates!

Razor Boogie Board

Kayaks (NEW): Because of such high demand and due to last year’s suggestions we have decided to start renting out kayaks as well! We have one inflatable 2 seater, and a hard fishing kayak with 3 fishing pole mounts available for rent too! 🎣

2 Seater Inflatable Kayak

🤫 We have some other cool stuff available as a rental option, and some of you already know, stay tuned for a big announcement coming up soon, until everything is finalized we got to keep this under the radar.

We will do whatever we can to accommodate you to ensure you have the best experience with us, every time.

Plus most of all we are much cooler too 😎 And you can be happy knowing, you choosing to go with us is going right back into the community.

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