3 Months in to Opening Our First Retail Store

3 Months in to Opening Our First Retail Store

So it’s been almost 3 months since we opened up our first Never Ever Boards retail store... 😯 

It honestly feels much longer than that. Not in a bad way, but with great change, and novelty, the combination of the two seems to have a funny way of slowing down time. 🧐
slowing down timeThe reality of owning and operating a retail store and becoming brick and mortar seems to materialize the creative energy and development we’ve made online and make everything more real for us. 🏬 Actually being able to see the smile on someone’s face as they pick out a product they absolutely adore or after they have a great experience renting out one of our boards makes it much more special and gives the sense of encouragement to keep pushing forward, and to improve that experience every day. ☀️ 

In just these last few “short” months I personally have experienced a lot of growth, along with the store. 

That is the reason for the picture of the bonsai tree we have here in the shop. Bringing this tree into a new environment has sparked its development and it has grown almost 6 inches since it’s been here. Likes its new home here much better than being abonsai tree bathroom plant I suppose. 😂😂 

I’ve learned it works keeping the lights on in the front room at night because it draws your attention. Learned led strip lights can draw a lot of attention too. That it’s possible to sell coke cans at .50 cents a piece in our coke machine. Learned if someone’s interested in a rental it’s always a good idea to pre-book so they can reserve their spot and not have to worry about any rentals overlapping. 

Learned that things can sometimes go wrong, but keeping a good attitude, and never making it a big deal works wonders. I also learned that asking questions is the only way to make sure you provide for someone exactly what they want since everyone has a unique situation and they need special attention to get them exactly what they want. Learned you guys like events, demos, competitions, and FREE food, so keep following we will have many more in the future. 🍔🍴

Have a skate demo 🛹 planned in the works for next month and may even have a cookout for you as well at the skate park! 

I learned that you really do have to clean up every day, even though we are not on beachfront, there is still a lot of sand around here! 😂 And last but not least I’ve learned that through systems bring control, and allows for a consistent, trackable experience. 

paddleboarding on Oak IslandWe’ve also had a few personal accomplishments, the best sales month on record since we began operations March of 2018, speaking of this July which isn’t even over yet, had a feature on ATMC TV, had a successful skate tournament and demo, outfitted a store including all permitting and approval in under 3 weeks, had a fun free paddleboarding day for the community, organized an event with a food truck to park outside of our store, have made a few public speeches, and the biggest personal accomplishment has to be my personal development. 

After working from home for so long, getting out in the public, and in a sense be propped on a stage was very hard for me at first, but I sucked it up and moved through it, and feel confident and ready to provide you the best service. 

Feels like we have came a long way and that things are moving in the right direction. We have plans to bring in several more product lines according to your suggestions and our ideas on what we think will work best in our area. Considering inflatable hot tubs for the winter season? 🥶❄️⛄️🛁 

Things will slow down for us in the off-season as they will with other businesses in the area. We need your help and support to push us through into next season. Local support is what will be a key driver for us. We need to know what you like, what you want, and what you need. We want to be your go-to. 🤗 

To the years to come. To our next store and to our future developments. Thanks for sticking with us along the way, we want to become a store that keeps you talking, and you feel cool dropping in. 😎

Let us know which ways we can improve, we are here for you, and because of you. We want to be the best store we can be, and be an improvement to the community any way we can! ❤️

Love ya Oak Island NC! 

See ya soon!!
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