Lessons Plus Bonus NEB Contest

Lessons Plus Bonus NEB Contest

Hey, Guys! I appreciate those of you who have continued to follow my journey with Never Ever Boards. Crazy to think it has been almost a full 6 months already since we’ve been in business.

The most important thing I’ve learned along the way is how vital it is to just ‘start’ when it comes to moving forward. As simple as this concept sounds, many of us fail to take action and are reluctant to embrace change causing us to stay spinning in the same place remaining complacent in being mediocre or living a just ‘good enough’ life.

Life is more about finding something you’re passionate about and aligning yourself with others who are equally as passionate, or even more so, and finding ways you can improve things for the entire group. Whether it be a paddle boarding community, members for the skateboard industry, an actor’s circle, unions, or even a group of likeminded women participating in a mystery oyster shell unboxing searching for a special pearl.

You have to find something that will build value in yourself while simultaneously building value in your cause and for others. This is the formula to make you feel fulfilled.

We choose to collaborate with charity: water to provide clean, safe drinking water to developing countries around the world.

Attaching yourself to a cause relevant to your business can be instrumental in feeling like you are living by a purpose outside of yourself. Separate yourself from your ego. Just as if you had a family to provide for, a good strong cause gives you something else to work towards instead of just working for yourself. Becoming a selfless servant is one of the best first steps towards success and it will not go unnoticed. The universe will reward you for it.

In closing, one of the most important lessons of all is to know many times you may believe you discovered the truth in something, but always make sure to dig deeper, many times there is a deeper truth to uncover.

In an effort to jazz things up around the holidays we are going to be doing a week-long raffle. For those of you who have wanted to support us but it wasn’t monetarily feasible, here’s your chance.

To participate and to have a chance at winning there is no purchase necessary.

We will be giving away two gift cards valued at $20 a piece which can be used toward any items in the store. You don’t have to purchase any items to be eligible to use the gift card. I.e if the item is $20 and you use the gift card, the item will be free of charge.

 NEB Giftcards

To have a chance at winning here are the rules for the post we will be putting out shortly on FB at https://www.facebook.com/nevereverboards/:

1) Share the post! 
2) Like Never Ever Boards on Facebook (If you already like us disregard) 
3) Comment on the original post shared by Never Ever Boards.

**We will be checking that all parameters have been met.

Thanks again, guys! Y’all are the best. Please let me know if you have absolutely any questions. 

**Contest will end Friday, November 13th 2018!

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-Matt Troetti

**Code will be revealed to you if you are selected as winner!! 

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