Opening of Never Ever Boards Retail Store

Opening of Never Ever Boards Retail Store

Hey Guys!! 

Didn’t want to say anything until I knew everything was secure and finalized, and no, no baby and I’m not getting married, yet 😂😂 thankfully 😅 lol

I’m excited to announce after all the hours of hard work and before we have even been in business for a year I am taking the plunge and proudly opening our first ever Never Ever Boards retail location.

Never Ever Boards

I did it. I got the keys today and will spend much of my time for the next rest of the month outfitting the store 🏬 and getting it ready for the Summer season and the wave 🌊 of visitors we hate to love lol 😆This has come with great sacrifice, but I believe it will be worth it, and give me the chance to help out the Oak Island, NC community.

We open doors May 1st and I welcome all of you to stop by for our opening day kickoff starting at 11 am where we hope to have various vendors, good music, free pizza while it lasts, a ribbon-cutting and giveaways!!

If you can’t make it, I understand but be sure to come and see me from 11-7, where you can find me every day of the week at 8813 Oak Island Dr. at the store!

This couldn’t be done without the overwhelming support of friends and family,  and with the guidance of our brands, Aqua Marina, World Industries, Braille Skateboarding and partners, charity: water.

This will easily be my largest undertaking and any support will be greatly appreciated. I want to apologize how I haven’t been able to make a lot of time for many people lately, as I’ve been focusing much of my time on actively pursuing this endeavor.

This will be a chill space you can come in to kick back after a hot day at the beach or a cool spot to start off your day. 😎 To help accommodate this we will be offering a selection of dollar coffees and teas and an inexpensive breakfast selection, along with other snackable pick-me-ups.New Retail Store Never Ever Boards                                                                                                                                                              Don’t worry you will still be able to shop online at nevereverboards.combut we thought it would collectively be in our best interest to give you guys, our supporters a rad place to come in, and shop and see our products in person!                                                                                                                              Our primary inventory focus will be a selection of the best paddleboards, skateboards (electric skateboards), and apparel. We will also be renting out Sups and offering classes! Any items $35 and over can be purchased on installment plans and as always a portion of proceeds will go towards providing clean, safe, drinking water to developing countries around the world! 💦🌎

In closing, I’m asking for your help to create a buzz with this and I will forever be grateful if you can spread the word, tell your friends and share with the community! ❤️❤️

Thanks in advance and get ready for a wild ride!!! 💯

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