Paddle Board Rentals

Paddle Board Rentals

The temperature outside is getting pretty tempting, you may find yourself thinking it's that time of the year to get out and rent a paddle board. A fun source of entertainment that's also an excellent form of exercise. 

I would admit, it's a great time to go out paddle boarding just before the temperature get's blazing hot and before you are tied up with all kinds of Summer plans. What I would also admit is the price can be kind of costly sometimes. $20 an hour, $40 for a half day, or up to $60-100 for a full day. 

 Made of money

Some of us wish we got paid that kind of money, let alone a board making bank like that.. but with paddle boards ranging up to as much as $700 to $1000 it can make sense to a lot of people to use a paddleboard rental service. 

Now let's do a little math and crunch a few numbers, paying this kind of money if you were to go a half day on 10 occasions you're already up to $400 marker and a handful of fun times. 

What if I was to tell you that you can derive the same level of pleasure and stretch your dollar by going a better route. And I'm not saying to just go and give up paddle boarding altogether, just that you may find yourself looking at a better option. 

Traditional paddle boards can be heavy and not quite as versatile or as portable as you would like making it difficult to lug around or even troubles getting it into the water. That's why with an inflatable paddle board version it is not only practical because of the storage capacity but also less expensive and more hassle-free. 

We carry a number of paddle boards starting as low as $475 with new paddle boards at even lower prices coming very soon. This fun sport doesn't have to be expensive. And if you did the math, if you go on 12 half day excursions it pays for itself. 

Now with new financing options we began to offer with Paypal we are now able to offer you a monthly option deferring your payment, and getting you out there in the water having fun even sooner. Think of it this way if you were to go with a 12-month option you'd be looking at paying right around $40 over a 12-month cycle with the ability to paddle board as much as you want! 

I hope I have not led you astray with the desire to rent a paddle board, but if we find that you do have a demand to rent a paddle board instead of buying or paying as you go, please express your interest and we may offer this option in the future.

Thanks for your time!

-Never Ever Boards


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I would like to rent a inflatable paddleboard today to be picked up around 11 o’clock. I would like one that is good for beginners as this will be my first time. What would be the charge on this. I would probably bring it back around 2.

Victoria Vannello

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