Which Paddle Boards are the best?

Which Paddle Boards are the best?

What is Paddle Boarding?

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This may seem like a very simple question, and considering you've landed on this page you probably know a thing about paddle boarding already. You've been introduced to it by a friend, you've rented a paddle board, or you've seen people paddle board at the beach before.

You may have thought it looked super cool and wanted to give it a try or you may have just heard of it from the grapevine, and are wondering exactly what it is.

heard from the grapevinePaddle boarding is something that can be enjoyed by people of many different age ranges, and of all different body statures, either gender and from all walks of life. Breaking down paddle boarding in it's most principal form, you'll find the use of a board, or as others refer to it as a small vessel. These can be made from various materials, fiberglass, or even rubber which will allow you to inflate and deflate your paddle board.

Picture a surfboard, a longboard magnified about 3 to 5 times, and you have a paddle board, about 10 ft long on average, and a large oval shape with fins on the bottom. The board is made for maximum stability and is equipped to give you all the stability you need to stand on the board as you paddle.

What makes a certain Paddle Board right for you?

You want to most importantly make sure the board is the right size for your height, and your weight, along with the type of paddle boarding you are planning on doing. We get into further detail about picking the right size board for you in our, Beginners Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
Paddle Boarding AdventureThe type of paddle boarding you plan on doing will have a direct effect on the board you choose. They make boards for river rapids, surfing, racing, fishing, groups, and all-around boards. Your best bet starting out is an all-around board since this will make you best equipped to deal with most paddle boarding situations you will find yourself in. This will make your board the most versatile.                                                                      As cheesy as it sounds when you get a feeling that the board is right for you, you will absolutely know it. You will feel almost a connection with the board like it is an extension of yourself, a part of you. Just like when you find a car that feels like you have full control over it's every move.  


A few factors to consider are:

Affordability: When it comes down to it, the quality of a product normally wins overall, but you also don't want to spend an arm and a leg getting a quality product. Luckily with our financing options, we offer through afterpay all of our paddle boards are priced in a way to make our paddle boards the most affordable for your budget. Your first board shouldn't be the most expensive because you want to make sure paddle boarding is right for you and not put a hole in your pocket while doing so. The choice is up to you on what you can afford but I'd recommend a mid-range priced paddle board and purchasing a more expensive board as you get more advanced. 

Purpose: As we mentioned before, and we will stress again your purpose is important, that is with paddle boarding and everything in life. Decide exactly how you want to use your board, what type of paddle boarding you plan on doing, and move forward with the board you feel will be best for you.

Weight & Storage: You have to consider that paddle boards are fairly large, and generally can be pretty heavy. Especially fiberglass boards. Inflatable paddle boards are lighter and much easier to store. You can deflate them, and even transport them in the trunk of your car. If you plan on getting a fiberglass board prior to purchasing make sure you are prepared to transport it in a truck or can carry it on top of a roof rack on your car. They can sometimes take even two people to move them from your vehicle to the water. It's always best to paddle board with a companion anyway. More fun, and safer that way.

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Quality: Quality products are tantamount to a smart purchase, but never, and I repeat never overpay for good quality. You want to pay what it's worth, and only what you feel is a value you can derive from it. A good purchase is when you acquire a product and are able to use that product for more value then you were able to expend for it, meaning if it cost you 20-30 hours worth of work you want to be able to get at least 20 to 30 hours worth of fun. Now with paddle boarding that's not going to be hard at all.

Inflatable VS. Fiberglass Paddle Boards

There is a stark difference between fiberglass and inflatable paddle boards, and the difference doesn't just lie with the material which is more obvious. The major difference is the price. Many paddle boards of the inflatable variety are priced under $600 whereas with a fiberglass paddle board you are looking to pay upwards of $1,000.

A common myth is that fiberglass boards are made to be much more durable, when in fact this isn't always the case. Inflatable boards are capable of supporting just as much weight as their fiberglass counterpart and can hold up for just as long or longer. Plastic lasts forever.

Inflatable boards are much easier to store, cgorgeous sunsetonsidering once they are deflated you can even keep them in the closet at your home, or keep your board in the trunk of your car. The weight is also normally a bit less on an inflatable paddleboard, so is also less strain on you through transport, and can be handled by one person. If durability, price, and quality are a concern for you I would overly recommend an inflatable board compared to a fiberglass board, they are the wave of the future. 

Below is an example of one of our favorites by Aqua Marina:

 In Closing...

As we learned today you can find some major differences between paddle boards on the market today. As a wary shopper, you want to be aware of a few key metrics prior to making your purchase. To review you want to consider your purpose, your budget, how you plan on transporting your new board, and above all you want to purchase quality. I invite you to check out our boards, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us through our site at any time. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Each reply will be personal, don't worry you won't be communicating with a robot, like those other guys lol. You can always also contact us at matt@nevereverboards.com!

We love serving you and please feel free to leave comments below. It shows us how we can improve, what you're looking for and allows us to get to know our audience. If you purchase any of these products before, or would like to leave a review, please leave that below as well. Happy Paddling! 

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