Why would an inflatable paddle board be a better option for you?

Why would an inflatable paddle board be a better option for you?

Better Storage Capabilities

Something that is easy to overlook and not always considered is once you buy a large paddleboard where are you going to store it? 

When choosing a paddleboard or any product you want to ensure you made the right decision, and that you made a proper investment.

Fiberglass paddleboards are large, and bulky and awkward to carry. They are heavy and make it difficult just getting out on the water to have a little fun.

I have heard countless stories of people purchasing hard fiberglass boards only to have their board stolen while storing it outside their home, for lack of space to properly store it, encountering sun damage by having it outside in the sun, having to buy a larger vehicle to transport it with what they thought was going to be an inexpensive hobby.

You are forced to buy a large roof rack for your car, and risk damaging the roof of your car. Or even worse just scraping it along a few rocks while on the water leading to a costly repair. 

Inflatable paddleboards, or commonly known as iSUPS are an excellent alternative that can combat these issues and still provide you with the maximum amount of fun while out on the water.

At Never Ever Boards, we will choose inflatable boards, over wooden, fiberglass, or foam every time. Not only have they made leaps and bounds over the years in terms of product progression, but the price is half that compared to these alternative methods. 

The added benefit and biggest purchasing point is the ability to deflate these boards down to bag size, throw it on your back and be able to ride down to the beach even using a bicycle or your local watering hole, pump it up in roughly 5 minutes, and have an equivalent hardboard without all the hassle.

Then after your done, deflate it, bring it back home, and have it stored safe and sound in your closet, or keep it in the trunk of your car if you ever get that paddling urge, we're not here to judge.

Which I'm telling you once you start this will happen often.

You'll have the option to simply pump it up on your lunch break, and be able to hit the water, simply and conveniently. 

Aqua Marina Beast

Price Conscious 

Our Beast, a quality entry-level, all-around iSUP, serving as our flagship product, is a testament to the nature of a well built, aesthetically pleasing inflatable paddleboard at an excellent price point.

This board is built from professional-grade material, you can be confident will hold up through the test of time, and is pleasing to look at when you begin your adventure on the water. With the addition of the solid inner PVC shell providing strength and stability, you can be assured that you are protected from your occasional bumps, and drops.

Compared to a hardboard wherewith one single drop on the concrete your pricey investment can shatter to pieces. One small ding on a hardboard can wind up costing you hundreds. 

Not saying with one of these a repair will never have to be done, but in this case, our boards come with a repair kit, with step by step instructions in the event something happens where you can easily repair it yourself in minutes.

Saving you time, headache and money. 

Aqua Marina Beast



As we've touched on, these boards when inflated properly to the recommended 12 PSI you can walk with a strut in your step, and a smile on your face knowing you have a solid board that will last you for many years.

They can be left in the sun (deflate some since the sun naturally inflates product), can be dropped off your car, be drug through the dirt, and still after a good wash, look as good as new. 

New Technology

In the grand scheme of things, this is a fairly new technology, and people are starting to realize the capabilities and possibilities of inflatable boards. They look great, hold up well, are cheaper, but most of all with newer technology it gives you something to show off. 

People are still blown away, even the ones standing there with their hardboards, seeing a deflated SUP come to life. It really is an amazing sight to see that within minutes this small folded up lightweight board becoming this huge almost 11' board ready for the water.

You'll be stunned the first several times, don't worry this is normal. The first wheel was also stone, but over time we found out that wasn't the best option.

Great for Beginners

These boards are great for those starting out since you won't have to worry about breaking the bank, will give you a chance to see if it's right for you, which we're sure that's a no-brainer, and you'll love it as many others do, but also because it is a softer top it is much safer to use.

Let's be real here, you may have excellent balance, we're not saying you don't or hey it could be terrible, and we're not judging you if you do.

As with many things, there is a learning curve, and as you're getting your feet wet, for lack of a better expression, you will more than likely take a tumble or two while getting the hang of it. 

The good thing with this it feels a lot better falling on a cushion of air compared to hard fiberglass. At the end of the day, you need to choose what's right for you. In this case we hope we were able to provide you with substantial evidence to sway you towards inflatables because they are one awesome alternative. 

Please drop any questions below, we'd love to hear your feedback, or to help guide you to make the best decision. 

Thanks for your time, have fun paddling!!

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